Bradley Skaggs delivered beyond what I could have imagined

When I was ready to take my company to the next level, I enlisted the help of Bradley Skaggs to elevate they way our products were represented in photos. In that capacity, I was able to observe how he works with clients in the creative process.

Bradley has a high degree of confidence and expertise that took leadership of the project and the creative direction early on. This was particularly important because although I had brilliant ideas and high standards, I did not have the seasoned experience to know all of the angles that would present my products in the best light.

Some photographers are catalysts, they add to the creative process as they go along. Bradley has that quality. He listened intently with a genuine interest in what I hoped to accomplish. He explored my suggestions and ideas and offered his ideas and vision for how we would achieve our goals. I really loved that his enthusiasm and commitment honestly did not dim throughout.

At the end of the process, Bradley delivered beyond what I could have imagined. He produced stunning photos from a unique perspective that no one else considered! He is an independent thinker who participates fully in everything he will do for your company or project. He is one of a kind. I recommend him without the slightest qualification.

Catherine K. Johnson
The Legacy Dream Luxury Company
Amazing work!

Bradley is the absolute best! Always professional as well as quick, efficient and super friendly. You always feel like you are in great hands with him and his team as they are excellent at what they do. His quality cannot be beat!