An architect, a creative director, and a photographer, Bradley brings a unique perspective and passion to his photography and to product photography in particular. With an eye for detail and a desire to show things as they are without more Photoshop than actual photography, he aims to photograph a product for what it is and to capture as much as possible within the camera. This approach minimizes post-production and that all-too-common fake look in the end result.

As an architect, his composition speaks to proportion, line, and establishing points which tie an image together while utilizing light to work its magic and bring an image to life. Photography, in his mind, is the architecture of light; it captures the essence of how light interacts with surface and material. Through this process, he is able to achieve imagery that is clear and present, but also unique in its presentation.

His agency, Skaggs Creative, has been defining and revitalizing brands for 20 years. This insight into what a brand needs to succeed strategically, verbally, and visually greatly influences his work. Consistency is key to branding as much as differentiation. That is where product photography, particularly for beauty brands, can have the greatest impact.


Charlotte Tilbury
dangene – The Institute of Skinovation
Henri Bendel
Italian Trade Agency
SCUF Gaming
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Spadaro Fine Fragrances
The Legacy Dream Luxury Company